“This was the first time I have shown anyone my work and Sofia didn’t make me doubt doing so. The advice and comments that she has made on my work have been a huge help and have enabled me to move ahead with my project.”

—Kelly Thomas

“Sofia provided me with thorough in-depth edit on my book. Her insights were exactly what I needed to fill the gaps where I was struggling.”

–Liz Dunbar

“Sofia is exactly what you want from an editor: clear, concise suggestions on how to improve your writing and a thorough evaluation of the text, taking more than just spelling and grammar into account. As writers, it’s easy to assume we avoid the simple mistakes because we produce so many words it’s become second nature, but Sofia found errors or potential improvement areas in my text I hadn’t even thought of. She also offers excellent feedback on story, character and more if needed.”

–James Batchelor

"I want you to know how amazing and helpful your edits have been for me. Your suggestions were so clear that I understood the why behind the changes. The chapter outline overview you provided was really helpful that I never once felt overwhelmed during editing. It was like my guide on what to do next. Your developmental suggestions will definitely help my book to better compete within its genre. I liked your explanations on why a paragraph or section needed to be reworked and how you showed me how rearranging a few sentences in the paragraph made my writing much stronger. My goal is to improve my writing with each book and your edits showed me how to be a better writer! You encouraged me along the edits with notes on what parts made you laugh or what parts immersed you. I knew to leave those bits alone! You took my under par writing and made it stellar! Thank you.”

–Lois Miller

I've worked with Sofia on several projects now, and her help and advice have been invaluable. Not only has she ensured that the writing is of a high standard, but her comments and critiques have helped me to improve my writing skills considerably and to learn how to approach self-editing in a far more productive and useful way. Her service is always prompt and professional and I've very much enjoyed working with her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and will definitely use her again on future books.

--Kate Owen

Before working with Sofia, my manuscript had been for only one pair of eyes: mine. I was completely terrified of sharing my writing, but Sofia’s manner was encouraging and her feedback constructive, helping me immensely. She went over my manuscript with a practiced eye and caught plot holes, inconsistencies, and flaws that I wouldn’t have gotten even if I’d been on my hundredth draft! I dove into this process completely blind, but working with Sofia has been an eyeopener. Truly, I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have run across her website and to have had the chance to work with her. Having been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with such a talented editor, I honestly can say--without a shadow of a doubt--that the experience is invaluable!

Shreya Sharma

Really I needed a professional editor, not a person who just knows English literature and so on. I found Sofia when I was searching on the internet. Anyway, I rely on her, searching again on internet for her records for editing and then I sent my application to her. She answered and guided me and presented a contract by email. Then she guided again me flexibly. Really, she is very educated in English literature and its structure. As well, she knows how to edit professionally. At every point of my writing, she came with me down and then threw me up and up. This means when I read my manuscript, I enjoy it very much. Actually, I appreciate her because of her patience, continuous searching on internet for the correctness of the place names etc., her kindness and her punctuality and her practical experience in editing. Dear Sofia, you did the best for me and I am very, very happy and satisfied with you.

Manouchehr Hatami

Loved working with Sofia. I was glad that I had done content editing and in-line editing. I'm so much happier with my revised story after Sofia's suggestions. The editing was great and easy to follow. Sofia was always patient with me and answered all of my questions, she made my first-time experience working with an editor go smoothly. Highly recommended and would definitely work with her again!

        -Philline Benson