Services & Pricing

All forms of editing and proofreading are available in British or American English. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss a package perfect for your book. I have no minimum or maximum word count, so short stories, novellas, and epics are welcome.


Developmental/Story Editing

This is a comprehensive, nitty-gritty style of editing. Not only will I scrutinise your story for errors and plot holes, but you’ll also receive a chapter-by-chapter commentary on what is and isn’t working with your world-building, pacing, character development, story arc, and much more. I will work with you to improve the bones of your book, clarify any confusing elements, and generally get your first draft pitch-perfect for literary agents or Amazon. Price: £7 per 1000 words.

Copy-Editing/Structural Editing

This involves analysing the flow and pacing of the novel, ironing out inconsistencies, and eliminating errors. While similar to a developmental edit, there is less focus on the global story. Choose this service if you are a more experienced author or have reached the point where you are confident with most areas of your story. Price: £5 per 1000 words.


Traditionally, proofreading happens just before publication, to pick up any last remaining errors. However, my version of proofreading involves some rewriting of awkward phrases or sentences, spelling, grammar, typos, inconsistencies, and a general spruce up. A good service for confident, experienced authors and anyone who has already received feedback but wants a final check and polish. Price: £3 per 1000 words.


Content and Consistency Editing

A full-package edit, I will carefully read through your book to ensure it is appropriate for its intended audience and makes sense, as well as confirming that arguments and facts are self-consistent. This edit also includes rewriting clumsy sentences, checking syntax, spelling, and grammar, as well as feedback on structure. Price: £7 per 1000 words.

Line editing

Similar to a content edit, line editing involves a close reading of the text, improving general flow and structure, eliminating errors, and light commentary. A better bet for less complex subjects and straightforward how-to style ebooks. Price: £5 per 1000 words.


A spit-and-polish before publication. A thorough readthrough checking for spelling, grammar, and inconsistencies. Price: £3 per 1000 words.

Payment Options

Payment is by Paypal only. I usually ask for 50% upfront and 50% on completion. I offer discounts for series if you require more than one book to be edited back-to-back in the same style. I also offer payment by instalment (a minimum upfront payment applies, contact me for more information). You can pay in GBP or USD. Any questions, or to discuss options, email me at

Paypal is the most convenient method for the clients to use because of its safety and ease. However, they charge an awful lot for the person receiving the money for a service, especially when it involves currency conversion. I keep my prices well below average to help everyone afford my services, but that means the Paypal fee hits my business. That’s why I have decided to add a small charge when I calculate the fee for clients. Contact me for further details.

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