So you've written a novel and you're attracted by the freedom and ease self-publishing
offers. Guess what? It's getting crowded online. Before you think about
marketing, your novel needs to be banging! The standards are rising fast and
readers expect more than ever. That means:

  • AMAZING plot
  • CREDIBLE characters
  • UNIQUE world-building
  • FLAWLESS presentation.

Are you sure your book is ready for millions of eyeballs?

Did you know that even bestselling (traditional and self-published) authors rely on a second, professional opinion to check for problems, plot-holes, and silly mistakes that could undermine their success and reputation? It's impossible to be completely objective about your own work, especially when you have invested all that raw emotion, time, and graft that it takes to pen a novel. Your brain is also your worst enemy when it comes to hunting down errors because most of the time, it sees only what it was expecting to find.

Glaring errors slip through the toughest self-scrutiny.

You want people to take you seriously. You ARE a writer worth recognition.

I believe you. And I can help.

As an author myself, I know what it's like to hand over your precious book baby for
critical analysis, or even just a final proofread. It's scary as hell, but so rewarding, and often reassuring.

Tell me this: What kind of author are you?

  • You have written a novel but you don't know if it's any good.
  • You think your novel is great but you're not so sure about spelling, grammar, and the finer details.
  • You already self-publish but you've realised your books need work.
  • You're a successful indie looking for someone to check your book is flawless and ready for your fans.

Now let you tell me what kind of editor I am:

  • I'm a writer and avid reader like you, so story is the centre of everything I do.
  • I respect your voice and your purpose.
  • I point out areas where you can improve and highlight your strengths. You'll also receive a chapter-by-chapter summary to go alongside your edit.
  • I'll edit your book in either British or American English, whichever you prefer.
  • I charge honest fees that don't rise mid-way, no matter what (you'll be shocked how often this is not the case).
  • Outstanding service, excellent communication, and reliability are three pillars of my business. While I am working on your project, you are my top priority.

Not sure what kind of editing you want? This is what I offer:

Developmental Editing

This is a comprehensive, nitty-gritty style of editing. Not only will I scrutinise your story for errors and plot holes, but you’ll also receive a chapter-by-chapter commentary on what is and isn’t working with your world-building, pacing, character development, story arc, and much more. I will work with you to improve the bones of your book, clarify any confusing elements, and generally get your first draft pitch-perfect for literary agents or Amazon.

Copy-Editing/ Structural Editing

This involves analysing the flow and pacing of the novel, ironing out inconsistencies, and
eliminating errors. While similar to a developmental edit, there is less focus on the global story. Choose this service if you are a more experienced author or have reached the point where you are confident with most areas of your story.


Traditionally, proofreading happens just before publication, to pick up any last remaining errors. However, my version of proofreading involves some rewriting of awkward phrases or sentences, spelling, grammar, typos, inconsistencies, and a general
spruce up. A good service for confident, experienced authors and anyone who has already received feedback but wants a final check and polish.

Is It Worth The Money?

While anyone can chuck a book up on Amazon for free, getting your book in front of readers often means stumping up quite a lot of other costs. You might be tempted to skip
editing (and hiring a cover designer for that matter) and use the savings on marketing, but if your novel is flawed, you'll be blowing all that advertising budget and likely get nowhere. However, I totally agree that you shouldn't have to choose between editing your novel and paying your bills. You shouldn’t have to pay thousands (which often happens when you're charged by the hour). That's why I created Editing for Indie Authors in the first place. Here's my price list:

  • Developmental Editing: £20 per 1000 words (includes final copy-edit)
  • Copy-Editing/Structural Editing: £15 per 1000 words
  • Proofreading: £10 per 1000 words

Recent Testimonials

“This was the first time I have shown anyone my work and Sofia didn’t make me doubt doing so. The advice and comments that she has made on my work have been a huge help and have enabled me to move ahead with my project.”

—Kelly Thomas

"Hello Sofia,

I want you to know how amazing and helpful your edits have been for me. Your suggestions were so clear that I understood the why behind the changes. The chapter outline overview you provided was really helpful that I never once felt overwhelmed during editing. It was like my guide on what to do next. Your developmental suggestions will definitely help my book to better compete within its genre. I liked your explanations on why a paragraph or section needed to be reworked and how you showed me how rearranging a few sentences in the paragraph made my writing much stronger. My goal is to improve my writing with each book and your edits showed me how to be a better writer! You encouraged me along the edits with notes on what parts made you laugh or what parts immersed you. I knew to leave those bits alone! You took my under par writing and made it stellar! Thank you."

--Lois Miller


Self-publishing DOESN’T mean you have to do everything alone. Send me a 1000 word sample of your story in Word to and I'll show you how I can help you make it great. Samples cost £20, which is taken off the project fee if you go ahead. Alternatively, contact me to ask for a quote (or currency conversion) or book a slot (yes, you can also book in advance with a 25% deposit).