Are you an indie author on a tight budget? Want to find an editor you can trust with your novel and who understands the unique requirements of online publishing? You're in the right place! Check out my services and request a sample edit today.

Developmental Editing

This is a comprehensive, nitty-gritty style of editing. Not only will I scrutinise your story for errors and plot holes, but you’ll also receive a chapter-by-chapter commentary on what is and isn’t working with your world-building, pacing, character development, story arc, and much more.

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Structural Editing

This involves analysing the flow and pacing of the novel, ironing out inconsistencies, and eliminating errors. While similar to a developmental edit, there is less focus on the global story.

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Traditionally, proofreading happens just before publication, to pick up any last remaining errors. However, my version of proofreading involves some rewriting of awkward phrases or sentences, spelling, grammar, typos, inconsistencies, and a general spruce up.

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What the heck are you meant to do with your book anyway? Isn't writing the darn thing enough? Won't it magically edit and publish itself? Wouldn't you rather fall asleep watching Netflix or make yet another cappuccino than read through your manuscript one more flipping time?

Ahem. Hi. I'm Sofia. And I feel your pain. As a writer and author myself, I know that penning a book feels like living expansion. There's nothing like picking out flaws, plot holes, and bad grammar to pop your creative bubble. But that's why I'm here. I'm a fresh pair of eyes, an analytical brain with the literacy skills and an intimate understanding of the fiction market to make your book shine and your voice soar.


These days, Amazon and other digital retailers have become very popular for indies. And it's no wonder. But as greater numbers of self-publishers flock to e-publishing, the standard is rising fast. With more choice for customers, readers have become more discerning. That means indies have to be marketers as well as storytellers. Writing a great book is obviously a start, but even a brilliant story will need tweaking and proofing before publication. As an indie-author myself, I understand how tedious and difficult this process can be, especially for new authors. Oh, and most editors out there expect a high price tag for their services, which can really put off indies operating on a tight budget. That's why I created Editing for Indie Authors. Great service. Excellent value. Plus, I'll know if your book plays to current selling trends on Amazon, or other factors an editor inexperienced with indie publishing might be ignorant about.

Sample Edits...

Excited to see if we're a good fit? I'll edit the first 1000 words of your manuscript. I do charge a small fee for sample edits, but this is taken off the overall fee if you choose to go ahead.